Don't call it a comeback -- they've been here for years. Snug Harbor reopens after major renovations!

Text & Photos: Patrick Gaffney  |  Photos Processing: Clean Slate Web Design & Marketing

The new Snug Harbor, May 2018.

Two fires in two years. Most businesses don't survive one. They've literally had more fires (2) than days open (1) in the past two years. At the Hammondsport Visitor Center, we've lost count of the questions. "When will Snug Harbor be open??" Many visitors only learned of its uncertain fate upon arrival, becoming quickly crestfallen to learn that their favorite waterfront dining spot was closed. While nobody went hungry with our other excellent options available for all, things just weren't the same for some who came to QKA.

But maybe there were some silver linings to be found around the cloudy skies on May 6th, which marked the official reopening of this storied lodging and dining destination on Keuka Lake.

From the ashes arose renovations. Some restored the historic fixtures and feel of this vacation institution; others were all about updates. Two modern and bright apartments have been added, which are available now for bookings that are well-suited for honeymoons or honestly any intimate escape. The bar is completely redone in zebra wood. The floors are new, and a vast extent of the exterior has a lively new look.

Aside from the apartment patios with million dollar views to compliment your morning coffee, the docks are more numerous than ever; it's easy as piling (sorry) to "dock & dine", for all the boaters on the lake to take note of. As much as it's very much about the vacationer, locals alike should be aware of so many slips that beckon to your boat. From there, it's ten tables within ten steps of the docks.

Strewn across the shoreline, multitudes of red-burgundy umbrellas dress up that new dining area, inches from water's edge, and garnish the property in a captivating colorscape of wine hues well-used on Keuka's west side.

Snug Harbor, May 2018

Described by new proprietor Jenna Miles as focusing on classic American tavern fare with emphasis on locally-sourced foods, Snug Harbor is serving dinner from Thursday - Sunday and now lunch on Saturday & Sunday. Located just over 1 mile from the Hammondsport village square, along the water on Route 54A, the summer's visitors will be pleased to hear that all is once again safe and Snug!