Sparkling Wines are great with Summer Foods!

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This qualifying post below comes to us by way of Hunt Country Vineyards, and gives a great overview of potential food pairings to explore with sparkling wine this summer. Winemaker Chris Hosbach shares his thoughts on some unique food options, in addition to his further recommendations on what to look for in a sparkling wine.

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Sparkling wines are great with summer foods

written and photos by Matt Kelly of Hunt Country Vineyards

Branchport, NY – May 29, 2018

The warmer, sunnier days of summer are upon us. Which means we're headed into glorious days spent grilling food and laying out picnics for family and friends. But what wine goes best with this summer abundance?

"My favorite food-pairing wines are often sparkling wines," says Craig Hosbach, winemaker at Hunt Country Vineyards on Keuka Lake. "Sparkling wines are extremely food- friendly because the bubbles cleanse your palate, preparing you for your next bite of food."

The trick, he says, is to find rich foods that can hold their own against the carbonation. Smoked meats, cream sauces and strong cheeses like brie are a great place to start. Hunt Country's brand new Moscato, for example, is fantastic with strong, spicy Asian or Mexican dishes.

But then there's Remedy from Hunt Country, a brand new sparkling rosé that pairs wonderfully with more subtle fare like grilled salmon or tomato-cucumber salad.

"I'm always striving to make wines that combine two things that we’re passionate about here at the farm," says Hosbach. "Growing great grapes to make great wines that complete your meal."

So what makes a great sparkling wine?

"Balance," he says. Hosbach believes that most (if not all) sparkling wines require a little bit of residual sugar to compliment the carbonation.

Moscato and Remedy are just two of the new wines released by the Hunt family just in time for summer. They also have a Traminette and a Cabernet Franc Rosé, and they're welcoming the return of a long-time favorite: their Pinot Gris.

To see all the wines they have to offer, visit Hunt Country Vineyards at their tasting room on Keuka Lake or online at

2018 Moscato

2018 Moscato

2018 Remedy

2018 Remedy