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Arts in Bloom | Steuben County Arts Trail

Welcome to Arts in Bloom, a countywide open Studio and Gallery Trail, where you get to meet the artist, watch them create, and learn what inspires their amazing work. As a free community event, Arts in Bloom strives to make art accessible to the entire region, and to aid in the understanding and appreciation of the art that is being created in our own backyards. We encourage you to ask questions about why our artists use the techniques that they do and what inspires them.

As you visit the different studios and galleries, you will experience many different forms of art, much of which is for sale. When you find that special piece, don’t be shy about taking it home with you as a reminder of your adventure on the Art Trail. And keep in mind, our artists work all year long, and are happy to discuss personal commissions or purchasing at any time with you by appointment or during regular studio or gallery hours.

How to find us...

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to find a starting point for your adventures on the Art Trail, our Arts in Bloom program is available at all artist locations, and many other public places throughout the county.  You can also contact us and we'll send you a program in the mail.