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Sales & Operations Planning: Developing a Process that Works!

  • Elmira College 1 Park Pl Elmira, NY, 14901 United States (map)

Sales & Operations Planning: Developing a Process that Works!

This workshop will present a comprehensive overview of sales and operations planning (S&OP), from fundamentals to advanced concepts. It is appropriate for those seeking to establish an S&OP as well as those who wish to improve their current process. The presenter will begin by identifying S&OP as a medium term plan supporting the longer-term corporate strategy. The higher level plans, combined with demand and capacity management and management directives, will serve as the inputs to the process.

Interactive team exercises will highlight the need for participation in the S&OP activity as well as emphasizing the “numbers-driven” process. The presenter will discuss a variety of outputs from the S&OP: production plan, purchasing plan, staffing requirements, cash flow, plant capacity, distribution, service requirements, etc. Discussion will include core performance measurements and appropriate corrective actions when the reported actual deviates from the intended plan. The presentation will also illustrate how S&OP leads into the master scheduling activity. Finally, the presenter will address common pitfalls to avoid, as well as suggestions for accomplishing success.

Attendees will learn:
• What is S&OP?
• Why is S&OP vital to organizational success?
• Where does S&OP fit into the planning hierarchy?
• Which environments does S&OP apply to?
• Who is responsible for participating in the S&OP process?
• How can S&OP be effectively implemented?

After the event attendees will receive a solutions tutorial in MS Excel that presents practical examples of the following exercises:
• Forecasting techniques
• Optimization of the S&OP
• Bill of Resources to manage capacity
• Disaggregating the S&OP into master scheduling

Register 3 people from one organization and the 4th is free.